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Food and Medicine

Our food is prepared with passion. The ingredients such as vegetables, herbs and fruits are bought fresh every day from selected traders and some vegetables and fruits we are collecting from our own vegetable farm.

From time to time we also serve meals with a little Western taste to have a little variety. This can be a certain dessert or baked vegetables with sunflower oil. We serve our food directly to the guests at the table.

The main medicine, prescribed by the doctor is called Kasaya. This medicine consists of serval herbs and will be mixed individually for every guest, according to his special needs. Kasaya will be served to you two or three times a day before or after meals.

The doctor will explain, how to take the medicine and our waiters will serve your medicine in the Restaurant.

Ayurvedic medicaments and oils for our treatments are available in different qualities. We make sure, to use best quality oils and medicine with maximum purity. For some special massages and treatments we prepare special pastes, they will be prepared freshly for every treatment and the herbs, will be bought from selected traders.